My trip to Sedona Arizona was so much fun!!! We went with our friends “Aunt Christine”, “Uncle Todd”, Audrey, and Joseph! We did things like a Pink Jeep Tour, Slide Rock State Park, and rafting/kayaking! On the Pink Jeep Tour we were off road on the Broken Arrow trail! We went on bumps and once even backwards! it was really really fun!!! When we went to the Slide Rock State Park(SRSP), some of the rocks were really slippery! The water was so cold I thought that I was going to get hypothermia! Weird right?! The rafting/kayaking was really fun!!! My favorite part of the rafting/kayaking was the rapids! For part of the time I was lounging in the raft/kayak! it was really really fun!

Behind the cottage that we were staying at was a ladderish thing going down to a creek! The creek was awesome! Me and Audrey made this paint made out of wet mud, dry mud, water, and Arizona’s red rock! The cottage was cute, there were three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen(which had a little table), and a little sun room. One of the bedrooms had a king sized bed, one of the other bedrooms had two I think full or queen sized beds, and the last bedroom was the bedroom that Gianna, Audrey, and I stayed in it had one bunkbed me on the bottom Audrey on the top and one queen sized bed were Gianna slept.

The restaurants there were really good accept this one place that gave me the farts! Once we were at this restaurant called The Sedona Pizza Company, it had really good pizza! When we were at The Sedona Pizza Company Joseph, Gianna, Audrey, and I found some Arizona red rock and drew all over the ground! It was so much fun in Arizona! I was so sad to leave!