I am grateful for… my family, my friends, yummy food, clean water, a beautiful house, AC / heat, school, my teacher, candy, my parents having a car so I don’t have to walk everywhere, etc. I love Thanksgiving, it is one of my favorite holidays not because of the food, because of family.

This Thanksgiving (Nov 24, 2015) I’m going to my aunts and uncles house in Maine.When I was a baby my uncle gave me lemon pie for the first time and so now when I look at that picture I’m always like awwwwww!

FullSizeRender (8)

One of the things that I love about hosting Thanksgiving is the leftovers. I love leftovers because my daddy always makes these really yummy sandwiches that he makes out of the leftovers.

Hear is a Thanksgiving trivia question for you. Give me your answer in the comments.

Q: Who made Thanksgiving a national holiday?