My weekend was so much fun! On Friday I started my blog! I was really exited about starting my blog! Saturday was probably my favorite day of my weekend because we did a lot of fun things! Like I love going to Party City and Micheal’s so I’m glad that we went. When we were at Party City I saw my friend Abby from school! When we were at Micheal’s we were shopping for my cousin Kate’s birthday! We got her a “learning to draw cartoons” book, metallic colored pencils, and erasable colored pencils. She loved them! I hope she draws a lot! Also on Saturday night my dad took me to a U.N.H hockey game! It was so much fun! I got popcorn and dots! Dots you might think are those squishy gummy candy’s, but that is not what I am talking about I’m talking about the little ice cream sphere’s. On Sunday my dad and I went to Portsmouth and I had my first latte! It was a toasted graham latte from starbuck’s coffee shop! It was filling! On Monday I had school it was fun! I love school! We had art for a special! Art is one of my favorite subjects! I also love math, science, and writing! We finished our read aloud book on Monday!

   I’m only writing on Friday and Mondays, like about my week and my weekend.

                   THE END!!!